Zitta Named Coast Guard Elite Male Athlete of the Year

Posted on April 07, 2020

Lt. Duane Zitta, Command Duty Officer for the 14th Coast Guard District in Hawaii, has been named the Coast Guard Elite Male Athlete of the Year.

Zitta's athletic accomplishments are well known to the Coast Guard Foundation community. He has competed in ultra-endurance events for three years, all to benefit our Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides tragedy assistance to Coast Guard families who suffer a line of duty loss of their Coast Guard member. Since Zitta started his fundraising campaign, he's raised more than $20,000 for Coast Guard families in need.

"Ultra-endurance" might be a term unfamiliar to some- in sports, it is defined as activities that last for six hours or more. For Duane, these ultra-endurance events have included marathons, long-distance swims, 100-mile trail runs, distance runs from the ocean to the top of a mountain, and the Kona Ironman Triathlon.