Tom Niles Commits $1 Million to the Coast Guard Foundation

Posted on February 19, 2020

Support will endow a scholarship fund in his name

Tom Niles, a Coast Guard Foundation supporter for more than a decade, is just one example of what happens when the Coast Guard lends a hand and saves a life.

As a young man, Tom was fishing in outer Boston Harbor one summer evening when his motor died, and he found himself in a rather precarious position as the tide started to change, and his boat began to drift further from shore. He called the Coast Guard on his radio and asked for help to get back to dry land. A Coast Guard crew from Boston arrived on scene and towed him into Quincy, where he was able to secure his boat and later repair the engine.

“It was really uneventful,” shared Tom, of the assistance from the Coast Guard on that summer day. “But I thought, I was fortunate to have their help today, and someday, I’m going to find a way to show my appreciation.”

Tom went on to get married and raise a family and worked in his family’s business, The Niles Company, and then started his own real estate management and development company, which later morphed into Boston Residential Group.

He never forgot about the help he received from the Coast Guard and continued to enjoy time on the water with family and friends.