The Windjammer Community Center Is Open For Business

Posted on July 12, 2016

Tucked away on the base of Sector St. Petersburg, Florida, is a community building which has been used by Coast Guard families for birthday parties, baby showers, promotions and retirements. And sometimes, it is the gathering place for families awaiting news of their loved ones who are missing in a storm. It’s a home on the base for Coast Guard members to rest and regroup after standing duty and it’s the place where large-group trainings and workshops are held.

Originally constructed in 1968, it has recently shown the effects of near-continuous use over the years. And with more families stationed in the area, Coast Guard members wanted to refresh the place to make it more family-friendly.

With federal funds limited for such an undertaking, the Coast Guard Foundation set out to match up the project with local supporters who saw the value in providing a refreshed and rehabbed community space for Coast Guard members stationed at this busy base.