Building a Strong Foundation: Mary Ann Elliott

Posted on May 14, 2020

Mary Ann Elliott, retired chairman and CEO of Arrowhead Global Solutions and a former Coast Guard Foundation board member, is a quintessential American success story. Growing up poor in rural North Carolina and Virginia, she went from earning a GED and selling encyclopedias to support her young family to the cutting edge of military satellite technology.

In the early 1990s she founded a satellite communications firm, Arrowhead Global Solutions, which, over the next decade and a half, she grew to a multi-million-dollar operation that played a critical role in supporting American troops deployed overseas. Through her work with Arrowhead and other firms, Mary Ann has spent more than 30 years supporting America’s military, security, and intelligence communities.

Her work in the defense industry introduced Mary Ann to several retired Coast Guard members who connected her to the Coast Guard Foundation. In the late ‘90s, she became one of the Foundation’s first women board members and learned exactly how vital the Coast Guard is to our nation.